Relax, it's NIKKON!

In keeping with the promise to its customers to provide quality products at competitive prices, Catch-All Enterprises has partnered with Success Company of Malaysia and is a distributor and agent of their world famous Nikkon brand lighting products. Learn more...


About Catch-All Enterprises

Catch-All Enterprises was formed in 1997 in Nairobi with the aim of providing sales of electrical and refrigeration products and accessories. Since then, the company has grown steadily. The proof of this growth is in increased customer base, expansion of the area of operation and diversification of the range of products.

Despite its growth Catch-All Enterprises, has continued to remain true to its initial values of putting quality and customer needs first at the right price.


Catch-All Enterprises Quality Guarantee

Our objective is to provide our customers with the best quality products in the market at the most competitive prices in town. All our products carry the relevant mark of quality such as KEBS diamond mark of quality and ISO mark of quality.

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Key Features

imageElectrical System
Built-in control gear suitable for HID lamps from 70W - 400W
Deep draw high purity anodized aluminium reflector
imageGlass Bowl
Thermal resistant tempered glass bowl

Beautiful Design

NIKKON S419 with an elegant design suitable for illuminating urban roads & highways. Thanks to its high efficiency optical compartment design consists of deep draw high purity anodized Aluminium reflector produces a superior photometric performance.

Style and Flexibility

Why NIKKON S419?
It is designed for quick and easy maintenance, consists of stainless steel clip system and removable unitized gear tray provides easy installation. It is suitable for HID 70W ~ 400W E40 lamps.